Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dessert Blog Hop

Dessert: Something sweet (high in calories) that comes at the end of a meal. Today we are serving up dessert all day long and anytime you want it and the best part, sweet surprises with NO calories. Please hop through and see each person's take on dessert and don't forget to give them some blog love! I can guarantee your mouth will be watering at the end of this hop.

Lorby's World ( is our hostess. Please begin at her blog where she is sponsoring a give away to go with this hop. All the details on how to win are on her page.

My creation is a sweet lil' card for a very special birthday girl.

A card I made for my Grandmother's birthday.

A little different angle. These work great as gift card holders, too!

The inside pulls out.  I also ended up stamping "Happy Brithday" and signing the inside piece. 

This shows the glitz and glitter on the papers...also the sheen of the inside card.

Here you can see the shadow stamping better.

Please continue on to L. Miriam's blog, and thank you for enjoying our tasty desserts.


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  3. L. Miriam -
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  10. Anita ~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall into Autumn

Welcome everyone to "Fall in love with Autumn" blog hop.

Featuring a fall wreath collection:

Let me just start with how much I heart fall *sigh*.  Leaves turning gorgeous shades of orange, red and brown.  The sweet aromas of hot cocoa and apple cider coming out of the kitchen.  Anything to do with fall fashions, boots, sweaters and pretty scarves!  Oh, I can go on and on!  Well with that being said, I have a treat for all of you today.  I have a group of talented ladies that can't wait to share with you their fall wreaths that they created for this gorgeous season.  We hope to inspire you to "fall in love with autumn".  Enjoy!

There is blog candy being given away for this hop.  The grand prize is a $20.00 gift card to Michaels or Joanns!  You choose!  The rules are as follows: you must become a follower of each blog and leave a comment on every stop.  Winner will be selected on 9-17-12.

I chose to go with a Halloween theme.  Here is my creation of a "wreath".

This is our wreath.  It is a creepy spider web spanned across my son's bedroom door.
This is how it looks with the door open, which it is all the time.  Spiders crawling around  above his head!
A close up of the "web" material and plastic spiders.

Hope you enjoyed.

Here is the line up... please continue on, and wrap around to the top if you didn't start there!

1.) Lluvia aka misses crafty-
11.) Ashley - Came from here...
12.) Tanya - YOU ARE HERE!
13.) Wendy- GO HERE NEXT!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

National Aviation Day Blog Hop

It's a plane! It's a bird! No, it is a plane and this is the Aviation Blog Hop to celebrate National Aviation Day. Our talented crafters took to the sky to create their project for this hop and I hope you will stop by all the blogs, see their high flying projects and leave them a comment.

This blog is hosted by Lorby's World and Jearise will have a give away going on her blog.

My project today is...
Taking us back to the early aviation days... hot air balloons!  This happens to be a  "note carrier".  Jute ribbon  is used as the basket, and the balloon is double sided.

Thank you for stopping by and please fly on over to Sandra.

This is an actual "note carrier" that was used in North Dakota.  The two passenger plane seated a pilot in the back seat and a bundle of mail in the front.  It is the oldest plane in ND.  It is located at the Fargo Air Museum, Fargo, ND.

Official Line Up

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Polka Day but with a Twist

Umpa. Umpa. Umpa. We are celebrating national polka day but adding a twist. Polka is to music and to DOT so we have created things that have POLKA DOTS on them. How fun! Instead of making Polka music our talented crafters have made things with dots on them.

Start with Lorby's World and don't forget to leave a comment and become a follower of hers because she's giving away something or other.
Here are my polka dots...
I made my son a card.  He loves green, so I stamped his name and flocked the side of the pendent with green!

I cut out the tree pieces...they don't lay flat on the card, and the cute zebra and elephant are there to represent him and I. And the sun is a mound of glue, time, glue, time, glue, sticky scissor points, and more time. But, I'm sure happy with the way it turned out!

Inside is another lil' tree and another version of him and I.  I wanted to hand write the message  to him in this one to make it more personal.  For another person, I think a cute saying inside a patterned cloud would be appropriate. 

Here he is receiving it.  I did the different layers and dimensions to please his busy, little fingers.

He loves that his name is on the front and seems to appreciate the picture. ^_^

Yes, I do! ... "Momma, what does this say?"
... "Oh, thank you!" hehe.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to come back again!



Lissa Marie

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watermelons and Picnics

This is the Watermelons and Picnic blog hop where we have lots of creative things to express our love of summer and picnics and watermelon. Please start at Lorby's World, our hostesses' blog and continue from there.

Jearise in Lorby's World will be giving out a special prize to one special winner just for leaving a comment and becoming a follower of her blog.

So grab your family, friends and neighbors and let's go on a picnic...
Here's my card... A basic lime green watermelon one!

I inked the pink border....

A close up of the saying and the "floating" melon slices.

Here is one of my favorite summer sips.  Its light and refreshing flavor makes it *Perfect* for warm days, and it is simple to take along on your picnic.
Thank you for joining me on our picnic and I hope you have room for more watermelon at CallyAnn's picnic.


Entire Line-up:
Tanya - You are HERE

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lollipop Blog Hop

Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lolli Lollipop! Even if you don't remember or know this song you will have to admit that there is nothing that brings a smile to a child's face like a lollipop. Do you have a favorite kind or do you like the really sweet multi-colored ones?

This hop is for you and your love of lollipops. You should have came from Our creative crafters have been at it again creating all sorts of yummy creations for this hop. Our hostess, Jearise at, will have a sweet treat for you just for becoming a new follower or letting her know you already are one of hers and leaving a comment.

This is my very first blog hop and I messed up on how to do it.... Please forgive me hoppers! If I can get it set, I will get some pics posted!

Thank you for hopping by today and sampling our flavors of lollipops and please continue on to



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's get this party started!

Hello to all that find their way here.  Using this as a way to share those random things that become uncovered in the dusty corners of my mind.  Who knows, perhaps some will even inspire you... xoxo